Minimal yet modern kitchen

The marble top island standing front and center at the stage will let you see the whole space expand as the light colors neutralize any space deficiency making the whole cooking experience lit up by modern geometric light pieces atop.


Black and gold and fabulous

The black marble top choice for the island is perfectly suited by its dark green and gold features nuanced around the cabinets and the tabletops. Enjoying cooking here will feel sensational.


Relaxed just like a beach house should be

The light mooded patterns and wall pieces of cabinets on par with the lights add to the classic American, California friendly bungalow or a beach house kitchen style finished in beigeish white and a light shade of green.


French mood cooking

The low hanging smaller are outshined only by a grand black chandelier as its overall combo of dark wood and black yet modern furniture pieces create a French kitchen mood.


Nature style and upbeat style

This nature style kitchen with its light wood island and furniture pieces and even lighter wood floor finish on par with stone like chairs add to a light simplistic pleasantry.


Rustically charming kitchen

Just like a grand old country or old times kitchen this one boasts a wide view out of the whole wall spanning windows. It's wooden styled seats and island top finish compete this impression.


Futuristically modern kitchen

Marble as the top finish, the island surrounded by blackish furniture, steel finishes of fridge and the lights and overall modern feel create a great experience.


Light everywhere around

Almost skylight wide as half of the wall side touches up - the windows pour light into this already light colored, neutral feel and light beige finished kitchen.


Grand wine and dining experience

Made for real of wine as stellars suggest and style - this room from its transparent fridge shelves and cabinets to blank and white marble tabletop scream grandeur.


Unique and warm

The bamboo chairs and mid light wood floors complemented by the all-white cabinet choice of color all adds up to a more unique yet very simplistic and cozy environment.


Invitingly simple elegance

The all black style of the cabinets to island makes the whole feel increasingly sophisticated as the lantern lights, big plant pots and transparent cabinets conclude.


Fabulous open space

The open plan living inspired and next to the living room the dark and light colors contrasting and matching cabinet and island with its high chairs look fabulous.


Light and bold

The ball shaped lights over the island top create a luminous atmosphere combining with the whole light color choice for the kitchen as a whole.


Unique and lighthearted

The unique lights over the tabletop of the island in a pair with the black accents of the cabinets make for a truly nice mix together. The modern furniture pieces around make it all work.


Old-fashioned yet with a touch of today

More of a classic take on the old-fashioned kitchen cabinets the cylindrical lights and upbeat modern furniture pieces create a unique nice mix...


Stylish rustic style

This unique hollow island and the hanging cabinets with the combination of the light colors chosen and wood motifs make it stylish and rustic.


Character with wood in it

Another example of how unique modern take on details like chairs and lights add character to a minimalistic colored kitchen just like the dark share of wood floors.


Everything a kitchen need

The open cabinets with the whole blank and white color contrast make for a great and unique kitchen that truly does stand out on its qualities...


Open and inviting

Another open plan living example that makes all of the pieces such as puffy chairs and the mix of colors tie in to same light and dark open space around...


Tropical sensation all around

The tropical mood here is offset to be moderate by the classical island and color scheme yet spiced up by plants and subtle color additions…


Spacious light kitchen

White and wood finishes of the cabinets and the most island choice for more maneuverability inside with the wide windows and light colors creates a spacious room.


Unique and ambient

Flowers with the open-ended cabinets as hanging shelves yet a main classical cabinet and island make for a very unique ambient kitchen.

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