Contemporary bathroom focusing on minimalism

A wooden style finish of the shower stall is greatly complimented by the contemporary feel of the minimalistic black and white color pattern. The bathroom is made to make you focus on relaxation only with no details too big or colorful to distract.

Bathroom Contemporary.jpg

Luxurious and classical bathroom

This luxurious bathroom with some golden and white accents, finished off by classically rich centerpiece of marble shower. This is made with more than just comfort in mind but enjoyment as well.

Bathroom Design.jpg

Not only spacious - marble-marvellous

Bidet equipped and having its shower area take up as much room as two people would need to relax - this bathroom also boasts an eye candy of a marble wall finish inside.

Bathroom Domenic.jpg

A modern version of classic bathroom

A modern spin on the ever so classic white finish in the bathroom. Additionally, a contrasting black bath and a window imitation piece add a subtle yet powerful touch to its simplicity.

Bathroom Modern.jpg

A shape of bathroom ideal

More of a geometric dimension of your typical bathroom, it plays with shapes from rectangular mirrors to multi shaped lights and powerful black lines making up the shower stall.

Bathroom Royal Ceramic.jpg

Stylish and whiteish

Another play on a marble-tastic finish on all the white walls surrounding a two-piece shower stall dual setup and bidets, its wooden finish of the flooring and other details adds an unforgettable touch…

Bathroom Shower Domenic.jpg

Big yet elegant bathroom

Rougher on its stone finish edges, it's wife pieces such as the mirror and all combined with the transparent feel of the shower stall design create a magnanimous yet simple sense of grandeur.

Bathroom Stacy.jpg

Pink and fabulous

This bathroom's pink finish is exactly the touch of color and vibrancy the bathroom needs as its dotted walls and imagery on walks adds on to its mid-century neo modern feel.

Bathroom Terrazo.jpg

Adding more view and space with ease

Not enough room in the bathroom? The illusion of a grand view and a spacious reflection off of a grand mirror accompanied by the shutters and its marble white will make you feel as if it's a huge hall.

Bathroom Tullo.jpg